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We have vast design experience including specialist knowledge in the following areas:

Specialist Fields

Temperature Monitoring & Control
We can provide anything from a single thermistor to a multi channel temperature monitoring system.

GSM / GPRS Systems
Our experience allows you to keep up with the new advances in this area for mobile devices, including vehicle and plant tracking.

Barcode Readers & Data Logging
Our developments can be rolled out within retail or any other trading businesses.

Industrial Control Systems
Services include hardware and software control systems.

Vending / Dispensing Systems
We offer systems to suit your specifications. Simple yet effective design is key in this area.

Coin, Note, Smart Card & Cashless Systems
Our developments can allow you to handle coin, note, smart card and cashless systems.

GPS Location Tracking
Intelligent and efficient systems to ensure accuracy and reliability.

DVB Systems
We assemble the best broadcast systems for you to get your message out.

Experienced Fields

Automotive & Aerospace
Bespoke systems created to keep you moving forward.

Image Compression & Recording
Many techniques are available including fractal and wavelet image compression.

We can provide robust software to ensure maximum security within your business, using various encryption techniques.

Waste Water Sampling & Waste Control
We offer various methods to provide accurate results every time.

Network & Internet Systems
Our engineers develop astute systems to keep you connected no matter what.

POS Video Terminals
Bespoke terminals designed to order providing a friendly interface with dynamic usability.

Near Field & RFID Systems
Design of various bespoke projects