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Working on a New Product?

It’s no secret that UK electronics manufacturing is likely to be more expensive than in some other parts of the world, and that comparing a UK electronics contract manufacturer (CEM) to an offshore CEM on price alone is rarely going to result in the UK based CEM coming out on top. Widen the scope of your comparison however and things can start to look a little differently, particularly when you’re looking at the initial low volume runs of a new PCB assembly.

When you’re in the final stages of getting a new product to market and looking at producing your first PCBs you don’t want language problems, time zone issues, delays shipping products back and forth and every meeting with the CEM happening over an invariably unreliable video connection at some unearthly hour. You want something easy, local and reliable.

How much time and money might it save to have a partner who spoke your language, worked when you worked, offered help and advice, kept your identity, IP and launch plans secure and whom you could easily visit to work through those inevitable prototype PCB teething troubles? More than the small sum you might save on each board in your initial production runs we’d wager.

Getting a new PCB assembly into production can be a costly and complex affair, especially if you’re trying to work with remote partners in distant corners of the globe. We therefore think it makes a lot of sense to consider partnering with a UK electronics contract manufacturer for those early production and pre-production runs, to reduce the time it takes to shake out the bugs and to be able to move into volume production, wherever you choose to do it, with total confidence in the PCB design.

Here at NEO we want to help you achieve that total confidence in your final PCB assembly and ensure that your prototype PCB is optimised for production. We are happy to produce any quantity of prototype PCBs. We will proactively offer advice on your proposed PCB layout to ensure it is optimised for production. If required we can produce the PCB layout on your behalf from a schematic design supplied and verified by you and can offer a full service, procuring both PCB and components on your behalf, or manufacture using customer supplied PCB and components (subject to our being satisfied with the quality of any supplied materials).

If you're interested in exploring working with a UK electronics manufacturer on a prototype or NPI, please call us on 0161 633 2148 or email us at with any questions.

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