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Need advice on laying out your prototype?

Here at NEO we want you to have full confidence in your final product and ensure that your prototype PCB is optimised for production. To ensure this, you can take advantage of our PCB layout advice service. On request and prior to PCB manufacture, we can review your prototype PCB layout and advise on any changes we feel will be of benefit.

If required and for additional cost, we are happy to produce the PCB layout on your behalf from a schematic design supplied and verified by you. We are happy to produce any quantity of prototype PCB's with a fast turnaround time. We can offer a full service, procuring both PCB and components on your behalf, or manufacture using customer supplied PCB and components (subject to our being satisfied with the quality of any supplied materials).

To discuss in more detail how we can assist in this area please call us on 0161 633 2148 or email us at

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