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Whether you require software, hardware or a complete Turnkey package, NEO can provide the solution. We constantly add new technologies to turn your concept into a reality. Our proven track record will ensure your progression to production will be quick, smooth and cost effective.

We can design directly from a client's specification, using our manufacturing experience to create a design ready for production, or troubleshoot an existing product or project. We cater for conventional through hole, surface mount and hybrid assembly, utilising single or multi-layer boards and guaranteed RoHS compliant components.

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Neo Electronics, Hardware Design


We can design analogue, digital or hybrid circuits using through hole or surface mount components into your product, depending on your preference. Designs that use surface mount components can have components down to 01005 size pitch and can be designed a single, double or multilayer boards if necessary. The tools we currently use include the following:

+ PCAD / Accel EDA
+ Atmel AVR Family
+ ARM devices
+ Microchip PIC devices

We have in the past, worked with the following devices and have gained experience in using the following:

+ Myson Family devices
+ 8051 Family devices
+ Z80 Family devices

We can customise hardware that meets your needs.


All software is written in-house by NEO's team of engineers, working alongside the client and our hardware designers. We also write and compile software for third party products, from simple bug-fixes, implementing new features, or complete re-writes.

We have extensive experience with C, C++, C#, Assembler, Forth, Visual Basic, Visual C++, VBA, .NET, PHP, Python and Perl, utilising PIC, ATMEL and ARM processors and microcontrollers.

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